It drives online traffic.

33.6% of Cable TV viewers who listened to radio during the week have initiated an online search.

Reach Business Owners

Every week, Radio reaches 94% of small business owners.

There’s a format for everyone!

Impact Radio Group offers radio advertisers 7 different music stations – from classics to country!

Custom Marketing Solutions

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[su_spoiler title=”:15 Pre-Recorded Billboards” icon=”chevron-circle”]These pre-recorded :15 messages run first in commercial breaks, making them a very effective way for your business’ message to stand out from the crowd.


[su_spoiler title=”Live Traffic Reads” icon=”chevron-circle”]Live traffic reads inform listeners of any issues or accidents to avoid during their busy commutes. These live reports will include your business name and message during the most important times of the day.


[su_spoiler title=”:30 & :60 Commercials” icon=”chevron-circle”]Custom Script Writing & Production From start to finish, the highly experienced staff at Impact Radio Group will work with your business to craft the right message for the right audience.
:30 Second Commercial:

:60 second commercial:


[su_spoiler title=”Custom Script Writing & Production” icon=”chevron-circle”]From start to finish, the highly experienced staff at Impact Radio Group will work with your business to craft the right message for the right audience.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”DJ Endorsements” icon=”chevron-circle”]A DJ endorsement is a personal recommendation of your business to our audience. These personal messages are delivered from a well known on air talent, lending credibility to your product or service.


[su_spoiler title=”Custom Promotions & Contests” icon=”chevron-circle”]Our Impact Radio Group stations can customize fun and exciting promotions and contests for our advertisers. Promotions are tailored to achieve the desired outcome of the business for the purposes of brand or event awareness, lead generation, prize giveaways and more.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Live remote broadcasts and appearances” icon=”chevron-circle”]Live remote broadcasts and appearances by our entertaining on air station personalities add excitement to events in the Treasure Valley. From grand openings and major events to hosting community and special occasions, we’ve got it covered.


[su_spoiler title=”Event Marketing Solutions” icon=”chevron-circle”]If you’ve got an event to hype, we’re your team. We will design a customized concept to promote your event using our multiple capabilities. From on air to online, your target audience will receive the message about your important event.[/su_spoiler]

Digital Marketing Solutions

Impact Radio Group has a suite of digital products that can be customized to design a targeted marketing strategy for you and your business.

[su_spoiler title=”Lead Generating Campaigns” icon=”chevron-circle”]A lead generating campaign is carefully crafted to bring our audience to you. From opt-ins and instantly redeemable offers, we will take your message to the masses, bringing in new customers.

[su_spoiler title=”Streaming, Banners & Video” icon=”chevron-circle”]Each of our stations can be listened to anytime online. This provides the opportunity for your business to be heard and seen with an audio commercial, a prominently displayed digital banner and/or video.

[su_spoiler title=”Online Event Calendars” icon=”chevron-circle”]To keep listeners up to speed on all the fantastic events happening around town, your occasion can be featured on our online event calendar.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Social Media Marketing” icon=”chevron-circle”]A vital component of business today is to be seen on social media. Impact Radio Group will create additional exposure to your business with the most up to date social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Online / Digital Advertising” icon=”chevron-circle”]Each of our station websites provides a platform for digital display advertising. Your web banner will create a direct link from our listeners to your business.

[su_spoiler title=”Geo-Fencing” icon=”chevron-circle”]Also known as Location Based Advertising, this tool helps connect advertisers with the buyers seeking services inside a specific designated location. Geo Fencing also allows you to serve ads to a right now customer and can continue serving your ads afterward with a re-marketing campaign.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Text & Mobile Media Campaigns” icon=”chevron-circle”]We go where your customers go with text and mobile media campaigns. We will customize a plan to reach customers where they spend the majority of their time.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Email Marketing” icon=”chevron-circle”]Our stations interact weekly with our most active and involved listeners through our individual newsletters. We can include your business and marketing message within our communications to thousands of listeners.[/su_spoiler]

Ready to learn how radio advertising in Boise can help you grow your business? Send us an email and we’ll build you a plan based on statistics specific to your industry!

DJ Endorsements


Joey Jenkins of Joey and Lauren in the Morning, prepares to record an endorsement.

In addition to traditional radio advertising, one of the most successful methods of reaching Boise residents is through our DJ endorsements. Take a minute and listen to some of the examples customers have seen work.