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Weekdays. 10 AM – 2 PM

Originally from Michigan, Booker is more than excited to live in the Northwest region once again. Celebrating his 16th year in radio, Booker has a well-rounded cultural experience from living in some of the most interesting parts of the country but mainly has spent a majority of his career in the Mountain West. A husband and father of two, Booker enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

He loves to take part in fundraisers and benefits for local and national charities- he just has a passion to help people! Booker shares his personal life on the air to create a one on one connection with his listeners.  That connection comes across when Booker endorses your product.

Some of his most successful campaigns include Comcast, Words with Friends, Verizon Wireless, The Discovery Channel, Racing Extension, and Anytime Fitness amongst others.

Booker would love to become a spokesperson for your product or service to create awareness and bring customers to you week after week.

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