Darrell Calton | CEO

Darrell Calton is a 34 year radio veteran and has been at the helm of Impact Radio Group since August of 2008. “I still have not figured out if I am the type of person that craves and needs a major challenge or I was just so excited to be back in independent radio that I turned a blind eye to the fact that I had just taken over a struggling company in a flagging economy”, Calton said. Fast forwarding nine years, Impact Radio Group has built one of Boise, Idaho’s top rated radio clusters with some of the finest signals and formats in the market.

Calton added, “I sit back now and am completely astounded at how far this little company has come.  We made great hires, retained great people, installed a culture built on people and focused on customer service for both clients and listeners alike”.  Darrell and Mona Calton have been married almost as long as Darrell has been in radio having met in the business in the early 1980’s. Together they have three grown sons and two grandchildren and have called Boise home for the last decade.

Darrell Calton