Heather McMillan | Account Executive

Career: Began my media career in Television working for an NBC affiliate in Pocatello, Idaho in 1998. Worked as the Executive Assistant to the GM and was the back-up support in the Traffic and Sales departments.

In 2005, Mike and I moved to the valley. In 2007 after a two year gig selling Personal Lines Insurance I got back into Marketing at Citadel (now Cumulus) as the Sales Assistant.
In 2009, I left Citadel to follow Darrell to Impact Radio Group where I spent the next five years as the Sales Assistant / Administrative Sales Assistant.
In Early 2014, I took an Account Executive roll at a state wide distributed business publication firm, The Idaho Business Review, and after two years realized I missed radio, Impact Radio Group and knew that print media wasn’t right for me.
In October of 2015 almost two years after leaving Impact Radio Group, I returned as an Account Executive and have been rocking it ever since.
Hobbies: Golf, Hiking, Outdoor activities, Traveling, SUP, Spending time with my Husband is my #1 activity/hobby/goal in life. If I’m not working I want to be spending time with him doing anything and everything. He is my life, I’m very lucky in love!
Heather McMillan