Is anyone even listening to the radio these days?

The radio industry has some new numbers to tout—and they are bold and beautiful. According to the just-released Nielsen “State of the Media Audio Today 2017” report, radio reaches more Americans than any other platform. That includes TV, mobile and PCs. As well, in March 2017, radio reached 125.4 million weekly consumers 18-49, up some 750,000 from the year previous.

“Radio is remarkably resilient. Despite the countless media and entertainment options available today, AM/FM radio continues to be the top weekly reach medium,” says Brad Kelly, managing director of Nielsen Audio. As a result, “marketers and brand managers are rediscovering radio. It is a mass medium that can deliver targetability and message frequency in markets large and small.”

The airwaves’ weekly reach with adults is a robust 93%, according to the Nielsen report. With the 35-49 demographic, it is even higher, at 95%; and 92% with both 18-34 and 50+. In comparison, television reaches 89% of the adult population, smartphones reach 83%, PCs reach 50%, TV connected devices reach 44% and tablets reach 37%.

In addition to the previously referenced 125.4 million adults 18-49 that radio reaches in 2017, the tally of consumers aged 25-54 that the medium reaches weekly totals 117.9 million, and 67.8 million 18-34. All three figures have risen since 2016, with increases over 2015 for both 18-34 and 25-54.

Add to that radio’s innate diversity. State of the Media Audio reports that the Hispanic audience 12+ is 42.4 million. That is up from 41.1 million in 2016 and 40.4 million in 2015. With African-Americans 12+, the 2017 audience is 32.4 million, also showing marked year-over-year increases, from 31.7 million in 2016 and 31.3 million in 2015.

Kelly adds that consumers “tune in when and where it counts,” both outside the home and specifically, in the car as “a huge part of the radio ecosystem.” He says that this gives advertisers an opportunity to “uniquely deliver their message just prior to purchase.”

Ready to find out how traditional radio still packs a punch?

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