Weekdays, 7PM to 11PM

DJ, rapper, and radio personality Tino Cochino splits his time between hosting a radio show in Phoenix and recording his own party rap anthems. A native of Lubbock, Texas, Cochino first began working as a radio DJ while still in his teens. As his popularity grew, he made the move to bigger markets, first to San Antonio, and finally to Los Angeles where he started out part-time as the night board operator at KIIS FM. Eventually, Cochino worked his way up at KIIS to running the boards for Ryan Seacrest’s morning show.

After only a few months working with Seacrest, the rising radio star landed a full-time DJ job at Hot 94.1 in Bakersfield, California. In 2014, after three years at 94.1, Cochino made the move to Phoenix to host his own show on KKFR Power 98.3. When not working his radio gig, the multifaceted DJ also records and performs his own high-energy party rap songs, an endeavor that has found him collaborating with such artists as Juicy J, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, and others. Cochino has released several singles, including “Name Brand Girl,” “I Go Hard,” and “Tequila.”